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3-3 Girls day and much more!

Happy Girls Day

I love living in Hawaii for many reasons, but one of the most valuable to me and my daughter is learning about the different cultures and traditions, due to it’s location Hawaii really is a rich diverse place  a melting pot of many amazing ethic backgrounds.

Lily my daughter is “hapa” meaning half in Hawaiian – half Caucasian (white) and the other half Asian/pacific islander – as my husband’s side of the family are Hawaiian Chinese (father) and Japanese (mother)

We embrace ALL of who we are today Hawaiian Chinese Japanese English!!!  And that means enjoying many of the different cultural celebrations in Hawaii and of course the yummy food!!!!

March 3rd in Japan is Girls day or “Hinamatsuri ” and we honor this tradition in Hawaii

to find out more you can click this link Girls day


What about the meaning behind the numbers 3-3?

I have had the pleasure of studying numerology with Ruth Drayer

for the last few years gaining my Master Numerology certification – which allows me to help others understand the importance of their name and birthday – and their souls blueprint  in this life – according to Pythagorean numerology. It is absolutely amazing to me what insight can be shared to enhance someones life…by having a numerology reading

As a girls day SPECIAL – I am offering the first 3 people to email me a full 1 hour numerology reading for only $44 (instead of $144 !!!)

Interested? If so, send me an email to: emma@emmakupumitchell.com

Every number holds an energy vibration that is felt and experienced…double numbers are often called Master numbers…more on that later!!

So what kind of energy does #3 hold for us all…

In the Positive Joy, Creativity, Fun and of course when it’s doubled (3-3) the energy is amplified even more!! and yes there is another side to the 3= like us all we have a front and a back right!!!

The light hearted humorous side of the 3 can seem to be frivolous and inappropriate! (so be warned!!!)

May your Girls day  be Happy Joy filled  AND  go do something Fun and Creative for yourself!!!

Please leave me a comment to let me know what you’ll be doing today or any # 3 stories!!!

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