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A New Me !

A Whole new me

Recently I was asked a question that made me stop and REALLY think….

why had I decided to use my personal name for my new website rather than the business name I had been using previously

“Healing For The Healers Soul ”

It really made me pause for a moment “Well it’s time for me to own who I am and share that through my work and my new sacred tinctures and oils I’m creating ” I said confidently

I also felt a deep nudge inside me to honor my spiritual name (Kupu) I was blessed to receive from a Hawaiian kumu (teacher) in 2008

Perhaps on some level I was aware of the numeric vibration of 2017 – being a 1 universal energy (2+0+1+7= 10 = 1) the same vibration as 2008 ( 2 +0+0+8 = 10 = 1 )

In the numerology system I have been certified in (Pythagorean by Ruth Drayer) every letter reduces to a number and every number 0 – 9 has a quality and vibration associated with it..

1 = starts a new 9 year cycle and has the qualities of been independent, visionary,walking the path that hasn’t been walked before,standing strong and grounded

Using my name also adds a more personal touch to my work particularly as I move towards creating some new spiritual plant medicines and sound healing products,that are all handmade by me here in Hawaii. I also sense ( here’s a little secret) more teaching this year online ,my own Oracle deck and a book …..

Even I’m excited to see what” Emma Kupu Mitchell” has to share as we journey together in 2017 …I’d love to hear your feedback and comments on my new website …OH and talking of my website…….

A big Thank you …DRUM ROLL

to the wonderful Stefani Harris from https://www.theessentialwebsite.com – without her creative technical gifts,and patience this website would not have been possible!!!!!

Stefani is my go to angel !!!

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