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Back Journey OR Journey Back?

Back journey or journey back

I hope you all are having a great start to 2016!

For me there have been many lessons already!! I spent the holidays on the Big Island with my family, connecting with the quiet Kohala energy and fresh air! Little did I know that once I stopped after a busy end of 2015, my body – specifically my back – would also decide enough was enough, and I ended up with terrible back pain which turned out to be a herniated disc in L2-3 and a displaced sacrum and left hip!!!

I have had to cancel and move many events at the beginning of January as I allowed my body to heal after daily chiropractor sessions, traction and ultra sound.

I know on a deep level I am clearing a lot of stagnant energy in my first and second chakra’s – as pain allows us to take a closer look at what is really going on in our life emotionally and spiritually – what a great teaching opportunity for me to learn…and then to share with you all!!

I have been re-remembering how to love my body (journeying back) and nurture it with gentle yoga stretches and pranayama (deep breathing) along with meditation and rest.

2016 in numerology is a universal 9 year (2+1=0+6) time to complete all those things that we didn’t get to do in 2015- that may mean letting go clearing out and releasing anything that isn’t serving us – in our minds bodies, home, office and life!!

My theme for all my meditations this month will be journeying into the body

I invite us all to connect back to our bodies as we begin this new year it is the precious vehicle that allows us to experience all that we can here on earth! So a healthy strong vessel will allow us to experience more joy happiness pleasure and FUN!

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