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Candles, Intentions and Meditation!

Candles, Intentions and Meditation

I am super excited to have a special guest joining our Sound Meditation this Saturday, Nov 21st at 7pm at The Healing Arts Center, Aiea, Honolulu: Keoki Tavares from Aloha Elixir. He has created some beautiful aromatic candles right here in Hawaii, infusing them with special intentions so they are much more than a lovely smell and an eye catching candle.

Keoki will be sharing all about Aloha Elixir, how to create an intention and how it can benefit us all especially with the holidays fast approaching!!

Don’t know about you, but this time of year always creates an erratic, slightly chaotic, energy to my usual daily routine. No matter how I try to NOT engage in the external frantic energy, I find myself drawn into shopping more, eating more and meditating less.

With Thanksgiving here in the US just a week away, join us this Saturday evening (see our events calendar) to bathe in the magical crystal singing bowls and enjoy a fun evening of releasing and creating space so you can sail through the holidays with ease!

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