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Cosmic Conversations

Welcome to Cosmic Conversations!

Emma Kupu Mitchell

Cosmic ConversationsThis is a “space” where you’ll be able to enjoy inspiring and fun astrological information with Sandra “Sunny” Mosley and Emma Kupu Mitchell on a regular basis.

Cosmic Conversations was birthed out of a need for simple and easy to understand language around the planets, houses, and natal charts. It is our intention that you will be able to use this information to enhance and enrich your day-to-day lives.

Sunny is a gifted moon Astrologer, and she and Emma share a deeply informational and fun conversation (via video) to demystify all that you may have heard about the Horror of Mercury Retrograde and what to expect as Mercury enters a longer period in Fiery Sagittarius from November into 2018! This vital cosmic astrological information will help you best the make decisions for your life!

Each month, we will offer a new Cosmic Conversation, which you can purchase below or over in the shop. When you complete the purchase you will receive a special FREE BONUS audio file with additional insights about how Mercury will affect you personally through the houses.

To find out more about Sunny, visit her website and sign up for her monthly newsletter!

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