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Do you know what you are good at??

You are amazing

I always love conversations with my 12 year old daughter, Lily – nothing like the honesty of a “child” is there!!

She’s getting ready to move to middle school this fall and has been going through numerous interviews at the different schools she’s applying to and had 3-4 hour long written tests!! It’s quite a process here in Hawaii…


“Why do I have to do all this?” she proclaimed “why don’t they just see me for who I am and what I’m good at?”

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if we all clearly knew and shared what we are REALLY good at, and more importantly, what we LOVE to do?

Lily (like most kids) knows what they love to do and what they don’t like…it’s simple…as adults we compromise these “loves” to fit in to whats expected or what society feels is “right” or perhaps what our parents family want us to do or be as we get older!!! Or our own fears…the limits go on and on…

I always want to encourage Lily to follow her passion and her strengths and not let anyone dampen these gifts…

It made me reflect on my “loves” and gifts…I decided to share one of mine with Lily as she had asked me…

Numerology! the study of numbers and their vibrations and meanings…and before you ask…

Math was NOT one of my loves growing up, in fact I failed math 3 times at high school before my parents got me a tutor at home to help!

What I LOVE about numerology is how it allows you to truly understand your gifts talents and life lessons…among others things…it’s like a blueprint of your life and how to best navigate it…

There is one aspect called the inclusion table and it looks at ALL the letters in your name- giving each of them a value/number and from there we can see your strengths and gifts along with what your challenges are…and then information on best to navigate through.

So yes of course I spent time showing lily her inclusion table…as it allows her to be more of who she truly really is!!!

So if you’d love help getting clear on your gifts and how they can best enhance your life…contact me.

 I’m offering specials on numerology readings 50% off 30 min or 1hr readings until MARCH 18th.

…and if you’ve had one before perhaps you’d like to see how the energy of the next few weeks will effect you and your numbers!! there is a LOT of powerful energy happening with two eclipse’s and the Equinox!!

Have a great week and remember to do what you LOVE!!!

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