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Giving myself permission

Giving Myself Permission

Recently I’ve been pondering why I need a valid reason to spend time in my day doing things that give me inner joy and sheer delight!!

I am always encouraging my clients and frequently remind them “spend time in your day doing something that makes you happy & smile…it’s great for the soul.”

Why then is it so hard for ME to do this?

The blessing from my recent back injury is…I feel like it has given me “permission” to slow down and paint, read and heal…silly isn’t it how it’s taken some physical pain to make me stop and re-evaluate my day to day life…

I am quick however to allow myself the time with my spiritual group that feeds and nourishes my soul. Janet Conner has been a truly amazing teacher over the last 3 years for me…and it’s within Janet’s “Your Soul Wants Five Things” circle and the Mystical Fools Society I have met some beautiful kindred sisters that make me smile…

Art that Moves
One in particular Christine Pensa has allowed me to be creative without any judgement and continues to inspire me on this new journey…

I feel so blessed to connect with her over Skype once a month.Recently Christine has helped me identify and heal some beliefs I’ve had since childhood that have been preventing me from following my path through a Clarity Session this doodling creative activity and conversation allowed me to

have FUN and gave me a different approach to “seeing” thoughts that have been blocking me from moving forward in many aspects of my life…

I highly recommend checking out Christine’s beautiful website and work….and I am giving YOU all permission to book a Clarity session with her…

You’ll be HAPPY you did!!! And she’s very kindly offering a 10% discount for you – just enter emmahealer as the discount code (after check out) here’s a link to take you there…

Clarity Session.

I’d LOVE to know what makes your soul happy!! AND what’s your “permission slip”?

Please leave me a comment – just scroll down…you’ll see the comment box at the bottom.

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  • Christine Pensa February 24, 2016

    Thank you Emma for giving yourself permission and encouraging others to do the same. It’s a basic need and yet many of us forget it in the busy-ness of daily life. So happy you are “creating” space for you and inspiring others as you continue to bring the depth of your own healing work to the world!

  • EmmaMitchell February 24, 2016

    Yes Christine I now realize it is a basic need and not an indulgence!! thank YOU for helping me see that!!!

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