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My secret to manifesting my dreams for 2016!

Manifesting my dreams for 2016

I always find some time during the holidays for quiet reflection – to look back at all that’s gone on in the year, so when January arrives, I am more aware of what I want to take forward with me.

All the blessings, the lessons learned and the oh not so great things that occurred…perhaps those I’ll chalk up as “not to repeat”!!!

Instead of creating a vision board or setting resolutions – I use the sacred mandala – a circle, symbolic of the whole, a vast limitless circle – that in Sanskrit is viewed as a powerful engine of change and transformation – a vehicle for awakening…

Hope you will be inspired to create a mandala for yourself it’s a fun creative few hours and VERY powerful!!!

Come join our workshop January 9th! It’s also a New moon – the perfect time to set intentions and capture the new lunar energy!

I’m excited to see how your dreams become a reality too this year!

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