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Elemental Self Care - an online retreat to nourish yourself and invite harmony into your busy life

The perfect gift to give yourself


a simple 6-week collaborative journey with
a soul nourishing exploration using creative
play and healing practice to bring harmony
to YOUR busy life


Six Sundays ~ Sunday, May 14, 2017 to Sunday, June 18, 2017
10:00am UTC, 4:00pm EST
Elemental Self Care - Week 1

Week 1 ~ Introduction to the Elements

Elemental Self Care - Week 2

Week 2 ~ The Element of EARTH

Connecting to your Foundation
Your environment (home, work) and Physical Body
Grounding (or creating) in stability

Elemental Self Care - Week 3

Week 3 ~ The Element of WATER

Riding the Waves
Your Life force energy
Rebirthing creativity
Your life purpose

Elemental Self Care - Week 4

Week 4 ~ The Element of FIRE

Honouring your Flame
Stoking your creative fire
Burning away stagnant energy

Elemental Self Care - Week 5

Week 5 ~ The Element of AIR

Breathing back into life
Seeding the air
Into the ether
The Space between

Elemental Self Care - Week 6

Week 6 ~ Sacred Closing Ceremony

The 4 Elements

Each weekly session will include:

A safe place to connect and recharge
Three valuable ideas or practices that can be done in under 10 minutes per day
Video follow up


Frequently Asked Questions

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I respect your privacy & would never share your information.