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Unique sacred anointing oils and tinctures for Janet Conners' online intensives.

Unique Monthly Blends

Emma is honored to co-create unique sacred anointing oils and tinctures for each of Janet Conners online intensives.

Each blend is co-created with spirit at a sacred Hawaiian Healing temple on Oahu (Keaīwa Heiau) infused with healing vibrations from crystal and tibetan singing bowls, Reiki and blended with the highest quality organic essential oils and carrier oils.

To understand more about Janet and experience the transformational power of the prayer practices in the intensives you can visit her website

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Mother Moon Oil 

A powerful synergy of plant medicine that assists in unraveling patterns on a soul level that inhibit a deeper knowing and connection to unconditional LOVE

blended specifically for the NEW Mother Moon yoga 



  Wintergreen • an oil of surrender assists in releasing negative thoughts and patterns of karma at a spiritual level. 
Rose Geranium • a powerful adaptogen for the endocrine system helping in becoming more open to love and commitment thus helping to soften the heart.  
Orange • celebrated as a Qi-tonic (tonic for the aura) uplifting and revitalizing  providing a powerful sense of optimism and trust.
Calendula an organic carrier oil from Marigold or “Mary’s Gold” associated with Mary Magdalene this holds this powerful synergy of the 3 essential oils. 

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