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Unique sacred anointing oils and tinctures for Janet Conners' online intensives.

Unique Monthly Blends

Emma is honored to co-create unique sacred anointing oils and tinctures for each of Janet Conners online intensives.

Each blend is co-created with spirit at a sacred Hawaiian Healing temple on Oahu (Keaīwa Heiau) infused with healing vibrations from crystal and tibetan singing bowls, Reiki and blended with the highest quality organic essential oils and carrier oils.

To understand more about Janet and experience the transformational power of the prayer practices in the intensives you can visit her website

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The Garden of Reverence Oil 

5 sacred plants to create a synergy that "embodies the wisdom and connection of the heart whilst bridging both worlds" words Emma heard in her dream.


 Rose Damascena • (Damask) one of the oldest roses in the world dating back over 3000 years often referred to as the Grand Master (Goddess) of medicinal plants.Connecting to the divine feminine and the sacred heart. 
Linden Blossom • often called the Mother Tree as everything about her is nurturing and loving. Associated with Chiron and Mary Magdalene this oil has divine healing and protective properties. It represents love in action.
Frankincense a sacred and precious resin from the gum of the Boswellia tree often used for ceremony and meditation and symbolizes the divine masculine “Yang” energies.
Angelica Root • a very ancient medicine dating back to medieval times that has healing and protective properties. Often called the oil of the angels as the synergy of the plant allows a connection to the celestial realms. 
Myrrh • is the guiding mother of all oils teaching us forgiveness and wisdom and enhancing our spiritual growth. Connected to the Myrrophohre lineage of priestesses  and Mary Magdalene the most famous Myrrophore.
Calendula an organic carrier oil from Marigold or “Mary’s Gold” associated with Mary Magdalene this holds this powerful synergy of the 5 essential oils. 

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