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Put Your Journal Away

Put your journal away

I live on the island of Oahu – named the gathering place in Hawaiian. It is the seat of the state capital and all communication.

I find it interesting how I’ve always struggled to express myself regarding matters of the heart with family and loved ones, and often I don’t feel like writing in a journal. It involves too much thinking for me!

What I’ve found since living here over 13 years now is that each island has a very different sense, feeling and energy vibration, just like us! And what I find fascinating is every island relates in energy and vibration to that of the chakra system!

The corresponding Chakra for Oahu is the Throat – the fifth chakra- the seat of personal truth, self expression and communication!

I guess it’s no accident why I ended up here.

Enjoy the voice of “ka La – the citrine crystal singing bowl.” She vibrates and sings to the musical note “G” – which activates charges and balances the energy in the throat, neck and ears …allowing us to access the words and feelings we need to communicate openly and honestly!

“Everything in life is vibration.” — Albert Einstein

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