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Take a closer look!

Take a Closer Look

The Angels are always with us!

When I initially wanted to make changes to my website it was overwhelming as to where to start – however something I couldn’t ignore was a deep nudge inside me, and I sensed it was from the angels.

They kept asking me to include beautiful vibrations of light throughout my website. It was almost like the angels were whispering in my ear.

“Allow us to be a part of your site – so everyone who visits will feel uplifted and bathed in our vibrations receiving an angelic hug.”

I talk to my angels every morning on waking, and I invite you to do the same – my conversation goes like this…

“Thank you angels and beings of light for guiding me this day for keeping me and my loved ones safe in the highest vibration of love and light, I am so grateful and appreciative of your support today and always.”
The more you communicate with your angels the more you’ll be amazed at how they show up in your day!!

Look what happened on the day of the photo shoot with Tracy Wright Corvo!!!

Tracy shared in an email to me when she was editing the photo’s this large winged shaped color appeared behind me…she shared she had never seen this before!!


I think the angels are super happy to be represented in the logo and on my website..What do you think???

Special thanks go to the very talented Julie Harris who created a new angelic logo and design and feel of my website along with Chase Norton.

A beautiful reminder that all we need to do is to stop, take moment, pay attention a little more closely and you too may see your angel winking at you!

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