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Welcome to March!

Hello March

This is one of my favorite months of the year – the onset of Spring and new light!

Even though here in Hawaii we don’t get obvious “seasons” – I still sense and feel the excitement of new life and the darker winter months fading behind us…

I love the new energy that begins to appear – buds on the trees, birds singing more loudly in the morning, longer day light hours…

In numerology March is the THIRD month of the year – and here’s some of the qualities of #3

Creativity, Joy, Self expression!

3 reminds me of our inner child,fun, light hearted energy!

I’ve been tuning into my 3 energy and have some exciting new creative projects happening this month!

Here’s a sneak preview of my NEW Essential oil line – some of you have been testing the scents for me and giving awesome feedback- THANK YOU !

New Essential Oils

My mantra is “keep it simple”

So the guidance I was given during many months of meditating was to do high vibrational essential oil blends for the MIND,BODY & SOUL

Two for each energy field – a Solar ( amber bottle – warm more uplifting) and a Lunar (blue bottle – cooler & calming)

There will be a total of 6 blends, 10ml in size with a roller application – each is infused with mantra, crystal sound and  organic essential oils from England  and organic carrier oil from Hawaii!

They will be ready for launch very soon! keep checking back here on my blog!

What fun things have you got planned for March…I’d LOVE to know leave me a comment…(just scroll down to the bottom you’ll see the comment box)

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