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Elemental Astrology +

In-depth Numerology

Complete Soul Profile

Explore the depths of your soul through Emma’s unique holistic and integrative approach to Shamanic Elemental Astrology and Depth Numerology. A weaving of two ancient mystery schools and lineages. Emma offers a comprehensive look into your natal chart  and the host of influences guiding (and distracting) you along your journey. Also gain a better understanding of yourself through sacred numbers. Emma shares the mysteries of numbers and their sacred symbolic language (Pythagorean) in a simple easy to use system for everyday life. Decoding the reason why you chose to incarnate in physical form and the lessons you are here to grow and ascend. Truly Life enhancing allowing you to live at a deeper soul level.
This experience is $197 for 75 minutes and includes a session MP3 recording.
For those who have already experienced this offering, book a 60-minute update for $147
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The Inner Sanctuary

Online Membership to deepen your Self Care


The Inner Sanctuary is an exclusive monthly online membership that was birthed out of the need for a safe healing space, a retreat from the external stress, where you can feel supported nourished, and receive simple yet effective tools to help navigate the chaotic turbulent times we are all living in. Where your daily well being, and vitality are enhanced and you leave MUCH better than when you arrive! (without having to travel anywhere!)  You'll receive two Crystal sound meditations each month for the New and Full moons along with celestial insights and special guests sharing their self care wisdom and MUCH more! 
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