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From England to Hawaii
“Self Care to Soul Care"

Aloha I’m Emma or "Kupu" (my spiritual name given to me by my first Kumu, or Hawaiian teacher)

In the silence, we hear more.

May this inspire you to pause, reflect, go deep and listen to the wisdom and messages of your SOUL.

Explore the depths of who you are through Emma’s holistic and integrative approach to Shamanic Elemental Astrology and Depth Numerology. The Complete Soul Profile is a weaving of two ancient mystery schools and lineages. Emma offers a comprehensive look into your natal chart and the host of influences guiding (and distracting) you along your journey. Also, gain a better understanding of yourself through sacred numbers. Emma shares the mysteries of numbers and their sacred symbolic language (Pythagorean) in a simple easy to use system for everyday life. Decoding the reason why you chose to incarnate in physical form and the lessons you are here to grow and ascend.
This is truly life-enhancing, allowing you to live at a deeper soul level, and will occur over 80 minutes.
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Decode your birth chart.

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Discover your Souls Purpose

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Gain greater health, clarity, creativity and intuition everyday by understanding the rhythms of the Moon.

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