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Aloha, I'm Emma Kūpuaʻeikāwililāʻau


I help women in midlife regain vitality, clarity and confidence in who they are and their soul gifts. 


Midlife CAN be a dramatic time of change. Leaving you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and un-inspired.

Iʻm here to help you navigate these struggles, so you can feel calmer, happier more creative and get your zest for life back! 

I use my extensive knowledge of ancient and modern healing practices to help you experience Midlife as an exciting time of rediscovering YOU!

"Emma effortlessly combines the down-to-earth sensibility of the English rose with the magic of Hawaiian mysticism. Emma’s deep wisdom and presence accompanies you on your journey to discover more of who you are in relation to the cosmos. Emma has created a divine alchemical mixture with her vast expertise—leading you to deeper aspects of yourself through her unique Elemental Astrology, Numerology and extensive knowledge of vibrational plant medicine. Receiving your unique vibrational medicine is nectar for your soul."


Christine Pensa
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