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Kind Words

"Emma Kupu Mitchell is a rare guide in The Mystic because she brings a whole array of soul essence alignment skills. Before each birthday, I turn to Emma for a depth numerology and elemental astrology consultation. And each year I am floored by the light she shines on my soul’s next walk in this world, along with invaluable guidance on how to bring my sacred medicine to life. Emma saw my path to becoming a prayer artist before I did. And now as a prayer artist, I am thrilled to co-create prayer intensives with Emma.

- Janet Conner  

"As a spiritual medium, channel and lomilomi practitioner, I have found that an integral part of my health, wellness and balance is receiving sound healing and energy work from Kupu. Kupu holds an energetic and physical space that is grounded, nurturing, safe, healing and high vibrational. Kupu’s spiritual guidance and sound healing experiences are amazing!! I always leave feeling that some part of my spirit / soul has been healed through the words of intuitive guidance that is shared, the support, and healing energy that flows through my spiritual, emotional, and physical body. Kupu is a gifted healer and blessing to anyone who has the opportunity to be in her light and receive a high vibrational healing session." 

- Kaulana Yoshimoto,
Honolulu, HI

"Emma effortlessly combines the down-to-earth sensibility of the English rose with the magic of Hawaiian mysticism. Emma’s deep wisdom and presence accompanies you on your journey to discover more of who you are in relation to the cosmos. Emma has created a divine alchemical mixture with her vast expertise—leading you to deeper aspects of yourself through her unique Elemental Astrology, Numerology and extensive knowledge of vibrational plant medicine. Receiving your unique vibrational medicine is nectar for your soul."

- Christine Pensa 

"The personal soul essence oil you created for me is just lovely.  It smells so good and lifts me up as I use it. I have several other oils and appreciate them as well. When we did the astrology session and the numerology chart, the information started to make sense.  You make the charts much easier to understand and that makes them useful. I look forward to learning more and am grateful for your special way of sharing your gifts.  Thank you Emma."

- Margo Mastromarchi

"My heart-felt thoughts on Emma Kupu Mitchell…I could say she is an amazing healer and intuitive, and that would be true. I could say she is a smart and savvy business woman, and that would be true. I could say she is a wealth of information on spirituality and energy, and that would be true. But what separates Emma Kupu Mitchell from the rest of the healers, entrepreneurs, and spiritual teachers is her unique blend of divine transcendence and grounded practicality. She embodies a spiritual sensibility that many in the healing community lack. Emma continuously seeks truth and generously shares her experiences, insights, and findings with others. I highly recommend her services, events, and products. They have been the catalyst in my own growth and healing, and I’m confident they will be instrumental in yours as well!"

- Michel Ai Reavis

"Working with Emma was my 'nudge from the Universe' wrapped in the comforting loving Soul Sister, Emma Kupu Mitchell. Her guidance was delivered in an honest and informative way without judgement.  It gave me enough food for thought about my potential, my direction, and my abilities, and with her voice and guidance on my mind, my debut book, 26 Days to Practice Peace, was completed and published.  I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Emma!"

- Conlee Ricketts, Author

"Emma is truly a gem to work with! A true intuitive, in-depth numerologist and astrologist! I have never experienced such a reading that has been so profound, deep, thought-provoking, and moving along my journey. She gives you a lifetime road map that you can keep referring back to if needed. A reading that does not overwhelm you, but gives you just the right amount of information that you need to know at the time. And if you have any more questions, she is willing to help you in any way that she can. Make no hesitation when Emma Kupu Mitchell falls into your life . She has truly helped me have a better understanding of my journey this lifetime. And I am so grateful for the information that was given to me."

- Christy Moore, Florida

"I had a numerology reading with Emma a couple of weeks before my 70th birthday to help me prepare for this next decade. She invested her time and energy into a detailed chart for me (70 years after all). It so helped me to see I have been on track in my life and I am aware intuitively of where I am going. I have great 'scientific' confirmation that my life is unfolding as it should. Wow. I am truly blessed to have taken the time to invest in this insight for my birthday present to myself. Thank you Emma."

- Kristine, Illinois