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My Journey Towards Wholeness

Emma's Manifesto emma-bowl

I believe…each of us has our own “inner song” or soul vibration…a natural rhythm…for us to be healthy physically, emotionally and spiritually. This “inner song” needs to be in tune and flowing.

I believe…our senses are the Soul’s pathways to health and wellbeing (wholeness). We just need to create sacred space to tune inwards and listen.

I believe…this sacred space, silence, rest and fun are medicines for the Soul – wholeness.

I believe…I am here to teach and share in service to this vibration of wholeness.

A few hidden truths
Emma Kupu Mitchell
Favorite food

Original Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory – it kisses my taste buds with the creamy satisfying texture and flavor.

Favorite time of day

Sunrise! As the first light bathes our day, we are gently awakened from the stillness to the sounds of the new day.

Favorite place to go outside of my home

The Healing Heiau-Aiea Heights. This sacred Hawaiian Temple is surrounded by trees and the healing mana of nature. It brings a big smile to my face and heart.

An individual whose work in the world I most admire

The Dalai Lama. He brings unity, compassion and peace to the world.

That which I long for…

For people to be kinder to themselves and each other. The world then would be a happier, more joy-filled place to live, don’t you think?

My Journey towards wholeness – from England to Hawaii
From England to Hawaii
My Story

I was born and raised on a farm in the Vale of York, England. This meant my “backyard” was over 300 acres of fields, trees, plants, and flowers. So much of Mother Nature to explore and become friends with!

In England where we have free health care, prevention and education were the keys to how to keep healthy and well, and I grew up turning to natural medicine FIRST. That’s what my family taught me!


My Granny inspired my love and appreciation of nature. She taught me to press flowers and herbs and keep them in a book so I could learn about the medicine and benefits of each plant.

This Granny was also a music teacher, so I learned to play the piano with her before she passed away when I was 7 years old. She shaped my early interest in plant medicine and sound!

My dad is such a positive inspiration and became my true hero in 2015 when he survived a critical brain tumor surgery…checking himself out of the hospital in 3 days to heal at home in nature.

Today he’s living life and doing well!

Qualifications and Experience

Graduated high school and went to North Manchester College. Certified in BTec HND Holistic Therapies, City and Guilds teacher training.

I call myself a lifelong student, as I love learning. Since college, I have certified in many healing modalities. Here are just a few, and I continue to learn and evolve: LMT, Yoga (RYT 200), Yoga Nidra, Clinical Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Meditation, Sound Healing, Numerology, Angel Intuitive Reiki Master, Healing Touch.

First Business and Marriage

I bought an old Georgian house at 22 (in Beverley, UK) and converted it into a day spa specializing in natural wellness. I ran the spa for 6 years, then sold the business when my first marriage started falling apart at 31.

I then took an amazing position with Espa Uk as International Training Manager, working all over the world opening spas and teaching Ayurvedic Rituals, Aromatherapy and Indigenous spa treatments. I was also very fortunate to learn a wealth of knowledge from living and working closely with the people and today, I bring this integration of healing knowledge to my business.

My favorite places I lived and worked were China, Thailand, Hong Kong and Barbados

Sandy Lane Hotel Barbados changed my world.

I met my husband, Glen, a native Hawaiian, while doing the opening of Sandy Lane Hotel. One year later, I found myself (by chance!!!) opening the Mandarin Oriental hotel on Oahu (Kahala Hotel). I had lunch with Glen, and then long story short…that lunch began the next phase of my life.

Emma Lily Glen
Life today in Hawaii as a wife, mother, tutu (grandma) and healer

Glen and I have been married for over 13 year. We have a beautiful daughter together, Lily Mahealani, plus Christie and Ikaika and 3 amazing grandsons.

Kupu-Kupu-FernI continue to study the Hawaiian culture as well as ancient spirituality and am blessed to have been given the Hawaiian name of “Kupu” which means “to grow in spirituality with the light” (like the shoots of the Kupu Kupu fern).

I believe Hawaii called me to this ancient energetic land – the heart chakra of Mother Earth, the perfect location to hear the senses of our Soul and to be in harmony with nature and our natural rhythms.

It is with deep gratitude that I continue to share the “mana” of these beautiful islands through my work today as a soul guide to your wholeness.

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