Moon Medicine

A sacred online community helping you Live Your Birth Chart

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Moon Medicine is an exclusive monthly online membership for Women in Midlife 

For those yearning for...

  • a like minded community
  • deeper connections
  • soul care practices to support change┬á┬á

Learn more about who you really are becoming at this time in your life.

Realign to the natural rhythms of nature, the Moon and your Souls Path.

A retreat space from the external stress to help navigate the chaotic turbulent times we are all living in.

Spiritual Medicine for your Soul.

Each month you can expect:

  • New and Full moon gatherings to learn the astrological weather and align with LUNAR TIME
  • Decode your birth chart together and learn how the current cosmic energies are influencing you and your life
  •  Two MP3 crystal bowl recordings to embody the energies of the moon
  • Numerology of the month 
  • Pranayama and Mudra's  
  • Emma’s book recommendations 
  • Special guests, Tita Poppins Teatime and MORE 


Easy Access at any time on YOUR time


Here is a sample of the sort of Meditation that you might receive.


Deeper Within - An 8 Solar Gateway Sacred Journey

In this 8 Solar Gateway journey and community, together we will explore the Sacred Wheel of the year

One our ancestors honored as portals in time to assist in deepening our relationships with all of life, particularly with natural time. 

We will use your birth chart as the wheel to explore these Gateways.

Cultivating creativity and a remembering that YOU are the Oracle.

Sixth Gateway LAMMAS and live Call is Aug 7 2023

Journey with us

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