Transparency and Authenticity

blog Oct 25, 2019
Transparency - late 16th century: from medieval Latin transparentia, from transparent- ‘shining through’  
Authenticitynoun [ U ] - the quality of being real or true.

Thank you for reading my first blog post! This is so MUCH more than a website redesign. It celebrates and represents a new direction in my life and work, the two are so intertwined (in a  good way).

This NEW website represents me coming into a deeper alignment with my authenticity and being 100% transparent with each of you and myself!!! 

My twin sister visited me here in Hawaii this past summer, to celebrate our Mid life birthdays 51!! We weren’t able to get together for our 50th birthdays in 2018 so we decided we’d make it happen this year. Thanks to Jet Star and a great deal (yay) Fiona made the journey here from Melbourne, Australia and it was over a conversation one night about mid life and reflecting on realistically half our life is over!!


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