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A New Me !

A Whole new me

Recently I was asked a question that made me stop and REALLY think…. why had I decided to use my personal name for my new website rather than the business name I had been using previously “Healing For The Healers Soul ” It really made me pause for a moment “Well it’s time for me… Read more

Do you know what you are good at??

You are amazing

I always love conversations with my 12 year old daughter, Lily – nothing like the honesty of a “child” is there!! She’s getting ready to move to middle school this fall and has been going through numerous interviews at the different schools she’s applying to and had 3-4 hour long written tests!! It’s quite a process… Read more

3-3 Girls day and much more!

Happy Girls Day

I love living in Hawaii for many reasons, but one of the most valuable to me and my daughter is learning about the different cultures and traditions, due to it’s location Hawaii really is a rich diverse place  a melting pot of many amazing ethic backgrounds. Lily my daughter is “hapa” meaning half in Hawaiian… Read more

Welcome to March!

Hello March

This is one of my favorite months of the year – the onset of Spring and new light! Even though here in Hawaii we don’t get obvious “seasons” – I still sense and feel the excitement of new life and the darker winter months fading behind us… I love the new energy that begins to appear –… Read more

Giving myself permission

Giving Myself Permission

Recently I’ve been pondering why I need a valid reason to spend time in my day doing things that give me inner joy and sheer delight!! I am always encouraging my clients and frequently remind them “spend time in your day doing something that makes you happy & smile…it’s great for the soul.” Why then… Read more

Back Journey OR Journey Back?

Back journey or journey back

I hope you all are having a great start to 2016! For me there have been many lessons already!! I spent the holidays on the Big Island with my family, connecting with the quiet Kohala energy and fresh air! Little did I know that once I stopped after a busy end of 2015, my body… Read more

My secret to manifesting my dreams for 2016!

Manifesting my dreams for 2016

I always find some time during the holidays for quiet reflection – to look back at all that’s gone on in the year, so when January arrives, I am more aware of what I want to take forward with me. All the blessings, the lessons learned and the oh not so great things that occurred…perhaps… Read more

Take a closer look!

Take a Closer Look

The Angels are always with us! When I initially wanted to make changes to my website it was overwhelming as to where to start – however something I couldn’t ignore was a deep nudge inside me, and I sensed it was from the angels. They kept asking me to include beautiful vibrations of light throughout… Read more

Candles, Intentions and Meditation!

Candles, Intentions and Meditation

I am super excited to have a special guest joining our Sound Meditation this Saturday, Nov 21st at 7pm at The Healing Arts Center, Aiea, Honolulu: Keoki Tavares from Aloha Elixir. He has created some beautiful aromatic candles right here in Hawaii, infusing them with special intentions so they are much more than a lovely smell… Read more

Put Your Journal Away

Put your journal away

I live on the island of Oahu – named the gathering place in Hawaiian. It is the seat of the state capital and all communication. I find it interesting how I’ve always struggled to express myself regarding matters of the heart with family and loved ones, and often I don’t feel like writing in a… Read more